When Half Is Better Than All

Work booked out a seating of Wolverine at a nearby cinema today. Anyone in my department could grab a ticket and walk over for the 1:50 session.

So I cruised over on a bike to collect a ticket and then walked over, catching up with a friend on the way.

I hadn't had lunch and impulsively decided to recreate the childhood cinema experience with a slushee (they're called an icee here) and some popcorn.

I ran into Andrew and Sarah while buying my calorific indulgences. They were heading into the same movie and I asked them to grab me a seat.

After waiting in line to pay I ambled over to the board with the movie list on it and headed into cinema 6, playing Wolverine.

It'd already started and I figured I'd futzed around in the food line longer than I thought. I couldn't see anyone so I just found a seat and sat down.
Munching happily on my popcorn I was suprised that the movie got off to such an action packed start.

I really wasn't expecting much. Unfortunately that's what I got. Most of the good fight scenes had already been overplayed in the trailers, the dialog and characters were dreadful and the plot had holes that even CG explosions couldn't cover up.

Then it just sort of ended.

I knew there'd be something after the credits but I just didn't care. As I was heading out of the cinema I realised it hadn't seemed like a very long movie. I checked the time on my phone and only an hour had passed. An hour long movie? That seemed unlikely.

I checked my ticket...I'd gone into cinema 6...my ticket was for cinema 8, on the other side.

I missed the first half of the movie and, honestly, I think it was for the best.