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Taking Pictures

Back in February I decided I wanted to get back into photography. I did my usual amounts of research and eventually bought a camera mid-March.

The reviews and articles on Ken Rockwell's site were really useful. He has some very good things to say about the Nikon D40 along with the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. I had a few people recommend getting the best camera body you can afford or getting one with blah blah fancy features. I figured that until I relearn the basics all the extra stuff is just going to get in the way.

I ended up getting the D40 plus the 18-200 VR lens and a SB-400 flash (which was less than just the D300 body). I've taken over 5000 photos since then and I'm starting to get the shots I want.

I took some photos of bees in daffodils on the way to Fnf bee1 bee2.

I'm pretty happy with how those shots turned out and I uploaded them in less than a week. Using Picasa has made post-processing and uploading the photos much, much easier.