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Playing Paintball Again

I semi-organised a social paintball day earlier in the week for today at Santa Clara Paintball field. Most of the people that showed up had played once or twice or not at all.

Everyone had fun and I may have a few people interested enough to start a team.

Someone suggested calling the team 'Deliverance'. It's humorous but would perhaps send the wrong message...just maybe :)

It was so great to be back on a field again. Even if I was playing with beginners and a clunky field rental marker. Playing with friends is what really makes paintball for me. I think that was the thing stopping me from playing with some random team here in the US.

I also discovered the phrase 'keen as mustard' is not well known over here. When pressed to explain what the hell I was on about I was actually lost for an explanation. I know what the phrase means but not it's derivation. Now if only we had some sort of way of searching a global index of knowledge...