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Top Chef

I caught some episodes of Top Chef on the Virgin America flight back from Seattle. They happened to be all but the final episode.

Normally I despise reality shows. This one caught me by suprise, I mostly enjoyed it. They keep the banal judging bullshit to a minimum during the show and the inevitable bit at the end is mostly bearable.

They focus on the food, the kitchen and the cooking. They talk to the chefs about their intentions and their execution.

I got my hands on the final episode and enjoyed it. Right up to the end credits where a small block of text flashes by.

Winning and elimination decisions were made by the Judges in consultation with producers. Some elimination decisions were discussed with Bravo.

So the whole thing is the stereotypical faked reality TV. The winner isn't the top chef, they're the ratings winner.

What a crock.

Roku Netflix Player Review

Roku and Netflix launched the Netflix Player and after reading a few reviews I bought one.

If you have an unlimited Netflix account (required to get access to Instant streaming) it's a no-brainer for only $99 and no further fees. The device is well designed, easy to setup and a piece of cake to use.

My only complaint is that it only works with the primary account holder's profile. I'm wondering if Netflix are planning to fix that now that they've decided to keep the profile system.