First Thanksgiving In The USA

We survived our first Thanksgiving without too much of the requisite gluttony or insane consumerism. A colleague from work and his wife took Tanya and I, and another non-US couple, Bjarni and Annie, under their wing for the holiday.

Kirsten cooked up a storm and in accordance with the Thanksgiving tradition the table was groaning under the weight of delectable morsels. My token effort was to make the gravy =)

Tanya made an awesome apple and cranberry pie. I've never seen fresh cranberries before, I expected them to be more like a red version of a blueberry.

Bjarni and Annie made "glurk" (spelling?), an Icelandic version of mulled wine, made with raisins soaked in rum, cinnamon sticks and lots of cloves...a gum numbing amount of cloves =)

It was a pleasant night of epicurean indulgence and good company.