House Temperature Sufficiently Increased

Our belated house warming was on Saturday night, our first party in the apartment, and it seemed to off with a bang.

We had ice shot glasses, a pineapple bowl and an exotic cocktail list. I spent a fun few hours behind the 'bar' mixing drinks and chatting to people.

We had about 20-30 people show, which was a good number as there wasn't really anywhere left to put anyone else. Even though we served all the cocktails in glassware (we splurged and bought some martini and pina colada glasses) none were broken. The ice shot glasses pretty much take of themselves, the ones left outside simply vanished.

A good night seemed to be had by all. In retrospect a practice run with the cocktail list would've helped alleviate the delays in getting people drinks. Some punch would've also kept people occupied when they first arrived and given them something to sip while perusing the cocktail list.

Tanya has some photos, which I'll endeavour to get online tomorrow.