An Inconvenient Truth

We went and saw An Inconvenient Truth last night. You should see it. Simple as that.

The movie is very US-centric, they're the biggest contributor to global warming after all, but the information is globally relevant (which sounds obvious if you've seen it).

I would have been skeptical of the US being the largest single contributor to global warming prior to living here. Now, after only having been here a few months, I can see why. The cars here are unnecessarily huge, they have terrible fuel efficiency and petrol is cheaper here than anywhere else I've seen. People will drive two blocks in a 1 ton SUV to get a carton of milk. They have drive-thru ATMs. It's just crazy.

I could say more and try to argue the point but the movie says it best. I will say though that we're giving serious thought to not getting a car here, or at least waiting for something like the Aptera to become a reality.