Strange Things About America: Part I


Mobiles, sorry cell phones, don't have a dedicated area code over here. In Australia all mobiles, regardless of carrier, start with 04.

In the US mobile numbers look just like any other number. It's hardly the end of the world, it's just odd. Kind of like being used to all Word documents ending in .doc then going to a company that doesn't use extensions and you have to just open files and hope.


Course naming at restaurants is deceptively different. A rough guide:

AppetizerEntree (or Appetiser)

and the meals here are generally huge. So you can imagine the suprise of ordering an entree size meal with the intent of having a light dinner.


Ordering a light beer in Australia will get you an evil concoction that tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike beer and has less alcohol than real beer.

Ordering a light beer in the UK will get you a beer that is light in colour.

Ordering a light beer in the US will get you a beer that is low in carbs/calories.

Yup, rather than just drink less beer or perhaps exercise, they have diet beer.

Stay tuned...