Embedded Linux Distro for MythTV on a Compact Flash Card

Found a micronised Linux distro, that fits on >= 128Mb CF card, from a link on Gizmodo about a tiny DC-DC power supply.

iMedia MythTV Linux has specialised support for Via Eden motherboards and Hauppauge PVR cards. Mini-box also just happen to sell Via Eden mobos and CF->IDE adapters.

Looks like a very nice way to make a no fuss Mythtv box (assuming you buy the correct hardware). Luckily I just happen to have a Via Eden M12000 mobo, a CF->IDE adapter and a 256MB CF card.

None of my three tuner cards are going to work in the USA so I was going to have to purchase a new tuner card anyway. This makes buying a Hauppauge card much more attractive (though the PVR 150/250 are analog cards...bleh).