nethack scores

Nethack Scores

Many, many moons ago I setup a NetHack server in Australia. The public NetHack servers were all in the USA or Europe and painfully slow from Oz.

I was learning Perl at the time and wrote some horrendous code to create a high scores web page. It worked and I tweaked it over the years.

Fast forward a few more years, I moved to the USA to work at Google. Now I needed to learn Python. I setup an internal NetHack server, dusted off the Perl code and ported it to Python. Really awful Python.

At some point I put the whole mess in Git, improved it (a bit) and added more features. I even tried my hand at writing unittests.

I try to keep it generic but there's probably a bunch of hardcoded assumptions about the internal server it runs on at work.

Let me know if you're brave enough to try using it. Flames about my woeful coding skills go to /dev/null :)


  • Support for
    • DGameLaunch
    • configurable for multiple Nethack playgrounds
    • DGL user management
    • NAO NetHack patches (mostly the xlogfile format)
  • Highscores for users and monsters
  • Stats on the games played
  • Display the graveyard
  • Highly suspect code quality

Source code

git clone