On A Knead To Know Basis

Most bread we've been able to find in the USA is packed with sugar or some other sweetner. So I've been wanting to make some myself.

I've never made bread before and most recipes seemed pretty daunting.

Then I saw this no-knead bread recipe that seemed so simple even I could manage it.

Mixed the dough before I went to bed last night and left it covered on top of the fridge. Checked on it this morning and it'd filled the bowl right up to the plastic wrap, bubbling away happily.

After dusting a cookie sheet with flour (way too much) I poured out the dough and sprinkled on some oregano and rosemary.

20 minutes in the oven and then a 10 minute rest and voila!

The whole kitchen smells of herby-starchy goodness.

The bread tasted delicious and most important of all it tasted great with butter and vegemite.