2 Months Since My Last Confession

Procrastination is a wonderful sport. It'd be an abysmal failure at the Olympics though.

I realised I still haven't uploaded my post about Burning Man (it should go up with this post).

What have I been up to since then? Lesse...

  • Liz & Virgil came to visit. After years of talking about it, we went to The French Laundry
  • I got a ticket to Chillits at the last moment
  • Tried a cigar for the first time
  • I'm taking over as manager of my team at work. Selling your soul apparently isn't as painful as I'd thought.
  • Dad came to visit. It's always fun to show people where we work and live and share why we're happy living in San Francisco
  • I bought a tenor ukulele and started learning how to play it.