Three In 24 Hours

Our good friend Phil is visiting from Australia as part of his world tour. We've been talking about going to The French Laundry for years and after a few months of planning we finally went yesterday.

It was pure indulgence. We sat down for lunch at 11:15 (after they provided Phil and I with jackets) and noshed, chatted and drank our way through 9 divine courses.

I had thought our reservation was for dinner so I booked overnight accomodation at The Railway Inn. This turned out to be a fortuitous mistake. We spent a lazy afternoon ruminating in our train car (some of us might have had a kip).

After that it was determined that though food was most likely unneccessary we could probably benefit from an evening cocktail. So we headed over to Bouchon, had a few rounds and were in fine spirit.

Phil mentioned to the delightful hostess that if she could spare us a table for three we would greatly appreciate it and later she did. Enough time had passed for us to recover a small appetite. We had a light meal and lingered over dessert.

Ad-Hoc (Thomas Keller's third restaurant in Yountville) has just started doing brunch and we have a reservation for 11:30.

Such decadence :)