Stuck In Vegas

Our flight from Mexico to San Francisco was via Las Vegas and due to some delays in Cabo we missed our connecting flight.

Sunday night flights out of Las Vegas are typically fully booked. The next flight we could get was on Monday afternoon.

So that left us with the difficult task of finding a hotel in Las Vegas :) Seeing as this was our first time in Sin City and we were only staying one night we decided to live it large and got a room in Caesar's Palace.

The place is massive. Imagine the largest shopping mall you've ever seen (times two) filled with bars and casino floors and then topped with several floors of hotel rooms.

We decided to just explore Caesar's Palace that night, having dinner and then doing a bit of a bar crawl. It's certainly a good spot for people watching. I had an excellent martini in the Shadow Lounge.

The next day we wandered along the strip for a bit. We went to the Venetian to have brunch at Bouchon only to find it closed. We'd apparently misinterpreted things somehow as the waiter we spoke to assured us they only did brunch on Sundays.

The place really is Disneyland for adults and it's all quite surreal. There are poker machines in the airport.