Giving Thanks In Mexico

Our friend Ryan decided to celebrate his 30th birthday in grand style and rented a villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and invited his friends.

We're totally out of annual leave (I'm still negative) so we couldn't take any extra time off. Luckily the USA celebrates Turkey Day at this time of year so we had a 4 day weekend to play in the sun.

The day starts with a mimosa and a dip in the pool. Cooking a communal breakfast is a good way to get to know any strangers. The day slides by under the warm Mexican sun, playing cards, reading, drinking cerveza and the occasional refreshing splash about in the pool. Music plays from speakers hidden around the pool and firepit area.

As the evening arrives the drinks menu changes pace adding all manner of tequila and perhaps a dangerously fruity Pina Colada. Guitar Hero 3 on the Wii is a great way to inform others of how much you 'Rock'.

As the night cools the hottub is a popular place to chat and chill.

We drove into town twice, once to Cabo and once to San Jose. They're both tourist traps but it's not too far to wander into the non-tourist part of town.

We had tacos at a roadside taqueria and they were excellent. I haven't seen anyone serve 'hardshell tacos' in the US or Mexico (except for Taco Bell but that doesn't count). The standard seems to be two warmed, soft tortillas with your choice of meat on top. You usually add whatever other toppings you want yourself.

Once you get the hang of eating them it's actually easier than a hard shell taco. Having a pointy piece toasted tortilla spear into the top of your mouth is a recurring theme when eating hard shell tacos (or maybe I'm just unco).

Mexico was fun and I look forward to going again. Maybe with a bit more sight seeing next time, though chilling out at a beach-side villa certainly wasn't a terrible plight.