Gouda Knights Leap

Tanya and I went to Kabuki on Tuesday night to spend some time in the baths and get massages. That was really good and I felt like I was made of jelly afterwards. While we were settling up before leaving I noticed they were selling some sort of milk drink called 'Dreamerz'. I read the brochure/flyer thing next to the display and it was claiming to be a natural way to help with insomnia.

I've been having a bit of trouble getting to sleep recently. So that caught my interest and I read the whole thing, the fine print and the ingredient list. It sounded a bit wacky and I figured I'd just leave it.

Jump forward to the next night and Tanya had picked up two of the drinks from somewhere on the advice of a colleague. Turns out she hadn't noticed them at Kabuki.

So I had one last night, a "Chocolate S'nores" (a play on S'mores ), and it tasted pretty good for flavoured UHT milk. The other two flavours are puns as well so that gets them points in my book :)

They recommend drinking it an hour before "bedtime" so I went and futzed around on the computer for a bit. When I started feeling sleepy I toddled off to bed, remembering to disable my alarm on the way.

It generally takes me a while to drift off to sleep. I have to basically trick my mind into not concentrating on anything. Last night was like being wrapped in something warm and fuzzy and sinking into a dense warm fog.

I slept like a log and felt pretty good when I finally woke up. I'm going to try another one tonight to see if the experiment is reproducible.

Here's to a good nights sleep