The Almost Post About Sydney

I wrote a post yesterday about our stay in Sydney and our trip to the US Consulate. Really, I did. Then I accidentally overwrote it with an empty file before I checked it in. So it's gone.

He's a quick recap for everyone who didn't get a chance to appreciate the now lost, paragon of prose.

  • Went to Sydney for a week
    • Caught up with some friends from Brisbane
    • Caught up with a friend from High School, (Hi Igor), that I haven't seen since 1993. He has detailed files on lots of people I've been too slack to stay in touch with.
  • Worked in the Sydney office
    • they have Vegemite, real bread and a toaster in the micro-kitchens. I was in snack heaven.
    • hung out with Sydney NetOps/SRE/Sysops, had a ball
    • used an inflatable kangaroo as a stand-in for a video conference team meeting, much hilarity ensued.
  • Renewed our visas at the US Consulate
    • lots of stress (some my fault, some bureaucratic insanity)
    • Things To Remember For Next Time:
      1. Don't get an appointment before the Post Office opens
      2. Bring something to read

The upshot of all this is that we'll most likely be in the USA for the next two years. Visitors welcome.