A Better Blog

They say a poor workman blames his tools but I am finding using Wordpress to be a real obstruction to actually posting. Which robs you, the reader, of my devilishly clever wit and insight...uh...yeah...something like that at least...

I'm torn between another round of testing various blog software packages or writing my own. ikiwiki looks like it could fit my needs but it's written in Perl and I'm trying to learn Python. (Why does that matter? well, knowing myself as I do, I'll want to hack on it)

I've been toying with using some sort of mail-to-blog setup as I've found I quite like the auto-save feature of Gmail. Speaking of Gmail the Google Apps for Your Domain beta is on and I'm pretty chuffed with it so far. Not that I'm biased, I'm not on that team, they're just doing some good stuff.

The problem with mail-to-blog is security. Most of the setups I've seen rely on obscurity, usually some long, "hard to guess" email address. I'd thought of using some sort of passphrase in the message body, a hash of some kind that I could calculate in my head. That way I'm not bound to a particular workstation or OS when I want to post.

Of course this might just be a long winded, round about way of procrastinating and not posting anything. Not sure.