A Sweet Experiment

I neglected to mention in my post about playing paintball the other weekend that I'd had a bit of a stack. The referees had advised us not to try sliding on the Hyperball field as it was very uneven and rocky.

I ran from back centre to the back left and slid into the barricade without even thinking about it. My knee encountered a depression in the ground and that more or less ended the slide. After that it was more of a undignified tumble.

My JT pillow kneepad took the intial shock but then slid off. So I lost a few layers of skin on my left knee before I finally came to rest.

Tanya and I bought some Manuka honey from Superbee ages ago. I haven't had a reason to try it out until now.

I heal pretty slow, both my siblings are in the same boat, so I figured this would be a good chance to experiment on myself. I just put a thin layer of the honey on the dressing, which I replaced each day.

It took less than 2 weeks for the wound to heal to the point where there was no scab and just pink skin. The wound didn't get infected either, even though I put my knee pad straight back on and kept playing on the day.

The last time I lost some bark I recall it taking a lot longer than that to heal. Memory faults aside it seems the honey is pretty effective.

I'll bee using it again....though hopefully not soon.