Fun In The Sun

I played in a social paintball game today at Santa Clara Paintball. Not sure who organised it but it was supposedly Google Interns versus nVidia Interns. There were some interns from IBM there as well and a couple of full time employees from each company (including me). I think 'organised' is probably too strong a term, it was pretty chaotic.

About 40-50 people showed up and they initially had all of us playing on the field at once. It was hot, damn hot. 110° Fahrenheit apparently (~43°C for us Aussies). So eventually people started taking breaks and the numbers on the field at once dropped a bit.

Unfortunately I sold my paintball markers before I left Australia so I had to use a rental (Tippman something-or-other). The field turns the rentals down to 225 feet per second (300 is normal tournament speeds). They also have a surrender rule when you're within 15 feet of another player (and it's enforced). So you basically play artillery style and hope a ball will fall on someone and break =]

They have 6 fields: 4 Sup Air, a Hyperball and a 'Castle' field. We only got to play on the Castle and Hyperball fields as they had what looked like team practice on the Sup Air fields.

Still it was a good day and I got to play some paintball.