The Ditty Bops

Last night we went up to San Francisco to see The Ditty Bops at Slim's with Kirsten and Larry (ie they drove). They were awesome.

The Ditty Bops were pretty good as well ;)

I'd only heard of these guys a few weeks ago at a poker night and knew just a few songs. The venue was small but not tiny and the stage was a good metre or so above the ground, giving a good view. We got there relatively early, had dinner at Public and camped out close to the stage.

The girls have a great time on stage, the suitcase full of props is a classic. They have a double bassist and a pianist (he also plays the piano accordian) on tour with them, who they gel with quite well without seeming over rehearsed.

We met up with some more people from my work after the gig. They were on a mission to acquire liquor and tater-tots from Safeway then head back to Cody and Ellie's place to devour them. Turns out tater-tots are what us Australian's call 'potato gems' and they still taste great with salt and vinegar =)

And a good night was had by all...