Exploring San Francisco

This is the quick version as I lost the full version.

The other weekend Tanya and I went to San Francisco for some touristy explorations. Accompanied by Andrew and Sarah Pollock, Amanda, Ben, Charles, Sarah and another Tanya (visiting from the Dublin office) from Google.

Charles was the unofficial tour guide, being the person who'd lived in the Bay Area for the longest period of time. If he started charging there'd be a queue.

We went to the Exploratorium which was like a candy store for a bunch of geeks. It was similar to the Earth Science Centre in Brisbane but with an substantially larger budget.

We had dinner at the Stinking Rose Restaurant, which is all about the garlic. Everything has garlic. We shared a Bagna Calda, a metal dish of garlic cloves baked in olive oil, as an entree. Utterly delicious. You scoop up some garlic cloves and some oil and spread it on crusty Italian bread.

Tanya and I once had dinner at a restaurant in London, called Garlic and Shots, that had a similar theme but with a Swedish background.

All in all it was a great day. No photos unfortunately as we've lost our Kodak digital compact camera =(