Upgrading The Firmware On A Grandstream HandyTone 488

Tinkering with a Grandstream HandyTone 488. I've been trying to get the damnable thing to upgrade via TFTP and it didn't seem to be even attempting it.

The manual suggests upgrading the thing on a LAN, so you'd think this meant the LAN port....no

It only makes TFTP requests out of the WAN port. Even if the address of the configured TFTP server is in the network on the LAN port.

Configured HTTP access via the WAN port, changed the WAN port to static with a private address ( and plugged it into the dev VLAN. Configured my laptop's NIC to and fired up tftpd-hpa. Reboot the HT488 and what do you know, it's requesting firmware and config files from my laptop.

So it now has the latest firmware and I'm going home.